Stable Orbit Weekly Update #6

This week, I have revamped the good old status bar with some nice new bar charts, giving you a much better at-a-glance view of how your station is doing. Also, since I kept losing track of which modules had been damaged in my own stations, I have finally added floating health bars above all units.

I have long resisted adding “in world” UI elements, like health bars, because my vision for Stable Orbit has always been to look very realistic. The dream was to have people mistake screenshots of the (finished) game for actual photo’s of the ISS. Since health bars are a dead giveaway that the image in question is coming from a game, I wanted none of them. Of course, some hard sacrifices must be made in the process of making a game! Having the floating health bars (and soon some other important information, like “where’s my crew at?”) makes the game much more playable, so the game is better for it.

Luckily, my beauty shot dream isn’t dead either! Thanks to a nifty little button I added, you can now hide all of the in-game UI in case you just want to marvel at what you built without seeing a bunch of distracting bars and graphs. I’m particularly proud of the sweet little animation that happens when you click on the button:

Eject! Eject!
The other big thing I added this week is module ejection. Before, destruction was instant. Once you clicked the Destroy button – POOF! – your module, and everything connected to the station through it, was gone. Highly effective, but not very satisfactory. I have now replaced this boring feature with proper module ejection. Look at them go:

(apologies for the crappy framerate; my laptop is not suited for recording gameplay)

That’s it for this week!