Stable Orbit Weekly Update #4

I’ve made great progress this week! The new solar array models are in and they now come in three sizes. The wings on the smallest arrays are just shy of 7 meters, on the middle array they are 21 meters and on the largest version a whopping 35 meters.

Also, as mentioned in the previous update, the new models come equipped with material effects. Here is what they now look like when they are damaged:

I had to remove all cooling from the station in order to demonstrate the damage effect, which is not recommended if you want to keep your crew alive. Sadly, my crew of 2 was tragically killed when the lack of cooling caused everything on the station to overheat.

Things looked slightly better once I had started repairs:

In addition to implementing the new solar panels, I have overhauled the post effects stack this week. I’ve adopted a couple of shaders from Unity’s Cinematic Image Effects package, most notably the “screen-space ray-traced reflections” shader, which really helped bring out the reflective qualities of the various metals used in the construction of the station once I found parameters I was happy with. Initially, the effect was all “Yo! Reflections Be Here, Yo!”, which was a bit too much for my taste.

With the new post effects stack, I have also taken care to address the over-exposure of the night side that happened previously. Now, it is truly dark when you are at the night side of the earth:

That’s it for this week. Tune in again next week for more exciting stable orbit updates!