Weekly Stable Orbit Update #1

A lot has happened since I last blogged about Stable Orbit (shame on me for not keeping up with my blog!). In fact, so much has happened that I would have to write a very long post indeed to cover everything. Let’s not do that. Instead, I’ll just list the highlights:

Gamescom 2016
Stable Orbit is one of ten games selected by the Creative Industries Fund NL to exhibit at the Holland Pavilion during Gamescom 2016! Come August, I’ll be packing up my things and heading to Cologne for a couple of days of (hopefully) back-to-back pitching to journalists and other business folks.

Do swing by if you have access to the B2B part of the show! Unfortunately, if you have a consumer ticket, you won’t be able to visit the Holland Pavilion. On the plus side, that leaves more time for you to spend waiting in line for a taste of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

New Lab Model
I spent a week creating a new model for the Lab. The new design is inspired by the look of the European-built ISS nodes and Columbus laboratory module. Below is a sneak peak at the new model in action:

All that’s left for me to do now is the models for all five types of truss segments, three types of crew quarters, two types of radiators, solar panels, batteries, various storage tanks, the communications array and, of course, the core model. To name but a few…

Main Menu Is Now Officially Done
Making the main menu is one of those not-fun-but-it-needs-doing aspects of making a game, so I am happy to report that I can scratch that one of my list. Gone is the “programmer art” temporary menu and in its place is this:

Nice, eh? I’m particularly happy with how the station selector has turned out. In my opinion, the new design is unobtrusive, yet easy to use.

Last but not least, some distribution news: Stable Orbit is 100% most definitely, certainly, undeniably coming to Steam! How do I know? Because I recently uploaded the first build to Steam’s servers, that’s how!

Tune in again next week for more Stable Orbit news!

edit: Removed link to my old blog, since it was no longer valid. Will see if I can import those old post to Tumblr at some point…